"The Tables", Take Two


Here is "The Tables", take one, as it were.


And here is 'take two'.  It was one day this spring that I was looking over the drawings I had parked in the garage, (oy, I do not usually make puns) and this particular one looked rather empty, especially the tree trunk in the middle.  This were among the first drawings I had made about a year and a half ago, after letting go of the security of my small sketchbook and I was still drawing rather sparsely.  No judgment intended, some call for sparseness.  

I am continually on a quest to answer the question: "What does this drawing need?".  Sometimes one can't help but look back at other ones and try to make this one answer the questions of the previous one, but that seldom works, and one just ends up with the wrong answers for this one...Are you still with me?

So anyway, I felt pretty confident that I was looking at this one with a fresh eye, attuned to what was missing in it and decided to take it in hand and finish what seemed unfinished.  Mainly it needed foliage, the texture of the tree trunks, and the ever present leaves on the ground.  I think originally I looked at all that foliage and thought: I don't want to put all that in, it will take forever!  Now I wasn't too concerned about that.  The thing I liked best about putting in the leaves was noting how individual they were and rather than being tedious I liked drawing each shape.  After all, shape is sort of my specialty.  Since it took about two weeks to finish the drawing, I had chance to notice that some days there were countless ones, and other days, I assume right after the gardener had been there, or maybe just the wind, there were very few.


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