New Drawings, 2017-18

In the following drawings I continue my interrogation of the nature of a subject and a vocabulary, by taking objects from other drawings and placing them here, so each is both a complete shape and a fragment of an already existing "whole" drawing.  I continue (to quote my teacher) “to intervene with what has already been made by keeping a construct in question, the keeping in question of the relationship between ‘fragment’ and ‘whole’.  One could think about it linguistically— the relation between the individual words and the utterance of a combination of them in the form of a sentence.  There seems to be an ongoing interest in not only incorporating elements and fragments of already existing pieces but in interrogating of the nature of a ‘vocabulary’”.

The American Heritage College Dictionary, under the section "philosophy", defines "subject" as: “a. The essential nature or substance of something as distinguished from its attributes. b. The mind or thinking part as distinguished from the object of thought”.

























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The Times Mirror Central Court


I know The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is trying to brand itself as LACMA, but I think the original name has a certain beauty.  

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The West Hollywood Library


I had never been to this library, it not being in my neighborhood and all, but once discovered, must go back.  It's beautiful, not only that but it's the only library I have ever been to that has a Russian literature section with the books IN RUSSIAN!  Also, several book cases with books under the heading of LGBT.  I've never been to a library where I really noticed the choice of book categories, but I couldn't help but notice that here as they are very specific to the neighborhood.  Perhaps that is what all libraries do, but still, something about it struck me as very attentive.  

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Let me introduce you to Tacos Por Favor, the place I am currently immeshed.

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Love Stories


I decided I better get this out before it languishes here forever, in “Pages”.  For the record, I wrote most of this in mid-November, and now it’s Christmas Day, 2013:   

Before I can write about the cafe, I must apologize for these photos. The color is not good.  It is a little distressing to me to post them here as is because the popping of the yellow lines, which doesn’t happen here, is a pretty important part of these drawings.

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"And Now for Something Completely Different" (Monty Python)


I did this in my studio, “far from the madding crowd”, as it were.  I wondered if one could tell it was the same person who did all the other ones of places and people.  My friend said that of course you could tell it was mine, it just doesn’t have the people.  Interesting how that is.  My interpretation of what she was saying is that my ‘hand’ is there.  One of the things I’m interested in in my work is how my hand is there, or is it there, and what is that hand.   

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So is That How You See the World?


Here I am again.  I thought I was done at Peet’s, but apparently not.


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"The Tables", Take Two


Here is "The Tables", take one, as it were.

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The Brentwood Country Mart...


better known as "The Mart".  The first thing one might notice about the patio at the Mart is that it's both indoors and out.  

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Decisions can be scary because they can be an irrevocable commitment.  

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