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Hey thanks so much!

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I especially liked the reference to pixels, I hadn’t thought of that before, that it is a transcription of sorts and that I am making the “unseen” visible; that’s cool. I love reading new takes on things as they widen my horizons and make me think. The passerby’s comment sure elevated my consciousness!

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Even though, obviously, people meet others at Peet's for coffee or whatever, I don’t think I quite realized what really goes on between them when they sit here, and what an important role it plays in their lives, until one one day when I was working on this drawing. 

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To Elizabeth and Jacob,
I do like getting feedback, so thanks so much for your reactions and comments!

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Show: Dec 1-31


Please come to the December group show called "Small Works" at Flying Saucers Caffeine and Art, where I had my August show.  Remember that cozy and cool cafe with the delicious food, coffee and teas, and brick wall covered with art?  I will join many of the artists who have shown there in the past in displaying "small works", all at prices under $100!  I will have 12+ pieces in the show.

Come any day in December to take a look, remember their hours and location are:

Flying Saucers Caffeine and Art
306 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Mon-Fri  7am-5pm
Sat-Sun  9am-5pm

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Drawing at Peet's


Peet's was one of the places I had it in my mind to work at, I had it all planned out as to where I would sit and what color paper and ink to use.  Not red, as you might think.


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"This Tells the Whole Story"


That vet I met a few weeks ago, whom I sketched, asked me if he could see my sketchbook.  When he saw this one he remarked: "Now this one, this one is much better, this tells the whole story.  See?".

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The Blu-Ray Bar


One day when I first came here to work I found myself staring at the bar, and all I could think of was it looked like a blu-ray image on our T.V.

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Thank you sis! much love to you

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Open Studio: May 3


As you can see we are having an Open Studio.  We hope you can join us.  It is our first one and we are very excited!  I will be putting up lots of new work and some experiments.  Endless Noise will provide a playlist of music for us.

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The 720: A Community on Wheels


Also a sanctuary of sorts, with the bus driver up there in charge.  

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A Reconnaissance Mission


Does this mean I've been reading too much about war and the military?

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Movin' On


This, large drawing on green paper number five, is to certify a fond but only temporary farewell to drawing at Palisades Park.


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Drawing in the Wind


I felt like an explorer on a vast cliff overlooking the ocean.  

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Paper Bag Bottom Paper


I've noticed a few things lately about paper.

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Exclusive Show Photos

Sneak preview of some of the works I will be displaying at the show this month at Flying Saucers.  Check them out!  (remember the show opening party is this Saturday evening at 9pm).

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