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Well, here it is, number 1.  Mostly what I think about in relation to this drawing is being here. 

After I get off the bus each day and approach "Urban Light" (Chris Burden's street lights) I wonder whether to walk through it or around it (I've done both).  I also get very excited about being here.  I used to come very infrequently and during those visits always decided to do it more often and get to know it very well because it looked like a place that wanted to be thoroughly explored.  But then I didn't, until now.  And now it feels like home and everytime I'm here I notice something different.

After making my decision about the street lights, I always notice who else is involved with them and what shape that takes.  And then, the chairs... all those chairs set up for people to sit on in this large patio.  Since there are so many I see them in perspective (like the #2 definition in our Oxford Illustrated Dictionary: "the apparent relation between visable objects as to position, distance, etc.").  At first they all look very small and then gradually some seem big and some even bigger.  There are two sections of them and at some point during my approach the closer set looks twice as big as the ones farther away.  They come in four colors: yellow, blue, black and gray and are arranged in groups around low tables.  

Often as not no one is sitting on the chairs and then they become a symphony of shapes.  When the people do come, they are like punctuation marks.  Some stay awhile, eating, talking or consentrating with their phones and others filter in and out, like musical notes, or ghosts. 

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Thank you sis! much love to you
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I love this drawing. And I think it is wonderful that you are drawing at the LACMA. From Palisades Park, through Beverly Hills and onto Wilshire. A kind of journey through LA and its meaning to you. Haven’t looked at your blog for a while…so much good work. Proud sister! xoxoElizabeth
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Check out my first drawing at the LA County Museum
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