The Blu-Ray Bar


One day when I first came here to work I found myself staring at the bar, and all I could think of was it looked like a blu-ray image on our T.V.

When we first got our Blu-ray player at home and watched a movie on it, the picture looked strange.  I realized that was because everything was in focus, something our eyes could never do.  This doesn't look like reality at all, or for that matter a movie, there's no depth of field!  Everything also looked extremely tinny.  

Skip back to last month when I was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  I wasn't actually sure at that moment if I was going to draw the bar, there was so much going on; but I had already named it!  The bar in the back, the bottles, glasses, shelves, all had that tinny look, just like blu-ray.  It stuck in my mind and wouldn't let go.  So here it is.  What is this, reality imitating TV?



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