A Reconnaissance Mission


Does this mean I've been reading too much about war and the military?

It's such a perfect title though as I was breaking new ground in my ventures around town, and beginning my drawing spree at the Los Angeles County Museum.  It gave me a name for this day of small adventures, the first of which, after having carefully parked near (which was actually far because of all the permit parking only signs) where I thought I was going to get the bus I learned that the Metro Rapid bus I thought I was going to take didn't actually stop there.  So, I hopped on the trusty Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica and fortunately the driver knew where it stops and took me the 6 blocks up where I could catch it.  My first lesson: now I know where to get it and it's actually better as there is no "permit parking only" nearby.  

Taking Metro Rapid is different, but no less amazing, as it comes almost every 5 minutes!  Contrary to popular belief, I heard from someone that Los Angeles actually had the first truly comprehensive bus system, and a fine one at that.  This certainly is a good example.  Along about now you might be wondering why I didn't just drive my car; well, aside from saving some fossel fuels, I decided that this project would begin on the bus because there is so much to observe.  Hence, the rather bumpy sketch above.

My first observation: the bus stops at the Veteran's Administration and while it is of course the driver's job, I was very touched at how kind, efficient and respectful he was as he helped a vet in a wheelchair get into the bus.  I feel that he was paying tribute.

It was when I was finally crossing Wilshire to the museum, when it sunk in that I was beginning something new and couldn't expect perfection on this first day, that I said to myself, outloud: "this is a Reconnaissance Mission", and I felt much better.


I only brought sketchbooks and small pieces of paper to draw with this first day, saving my larger paper for next time.  I needed a preview.  My idea was to work in the large patio between the Broad and the Ahmanson.  I had remembered the chairs, but it wasn't until I sat down that I realized how truly amazing they are, how beautiful and simple, and almost like people.

I guess you will have to wait until I finish my large drawing to see the chairs, but for now, the guy in the above drawing was sitting for quite a long time, communing with his phone.  This place a quite similar to Palisades Park in how people use it, although I haven't as yet seen anyone lying down for a nap!

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