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I've noticed a few things lately about paper.

First, I care a lot about the paper I use to make my pictures.  Awhile back I didn't use such good quality paper because it was expensive and I was worried it would become too precious and I would be intimidated and wouldn't draw freely.  Well, that did happen sometimes, no doubt about it.  But after someone commented at a open studio I participated in a couple of years ago, that I really should use better paper, I took a good long look at the paper's relationship to those particular drawings.  I began to notice the paper more than the drawings, and the marks on the page didn't really go with the paper, they seemed a separate unit.  Part of that was the nature of those drawings, but the fact was, if I had thought more about the paper, the drawing would have become part of it.  

I decided I had to be brave.

So, I've been buying better paper, using it for every drawing (hang the expense), because you never know when the drawing will be a good one, and I sure as hell am not going to do it again on a better piece!

But then I noticed, that I also like paper that isn't traditionally "high" quality but that had another quality.  Paper that has experienced something of life, that's gone through some tough times and weathered them.  Sometimes that is the only paper to use for drawings of people sitting near me.  To whit, the above drawing on the bottom of a paper bag.  

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