Two More Drawings at the Museum


Here's one.


And here is the other.  There were so many days and so many people to watch.  Everyday, hords of students walk through the patio, I mean hords, maybe stopping to eat lunch or just going right in to the museum.  It was wonderful to see them, trooping around, even with all the cutbacks.  It's very reassuring somehow to see that students still go on field trips, that this time honored tradition continues to happen.  

My favorite encounter was with 3 high school girls one day when I was working on this last drawing. At one point I looked up and noticed I wasn't alone!  Three girls were standing behind me, watching.  They told me how much they liked what I was doing, and when I asked them where they were from they said "Rim of the World High School", in Lake Arrowhead!  That's really far, a couple of hours at least.  I was impressed that they come all this way, but they said they were used to the long distances and apparently do it a lot.  They were on a field trip with their art class.  After a little while they went on with their class and I resumed my drawingundercover.  Awhile later they reappeared and said they had discussed it with each other, and decided to see how I was "progressing" before they had to leave to get back on their bus.  After confirming that I had indeed progressed and they still liked what I was doing, I asked them more about themselves and they told me about their ambitions.  There was something so upfront and refreshingly purposeful about them that they really made my day.

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