Drawing at Peet's


Peet's was one of the places I had it in my mind to work at, I had it all planned out as to where I would sit and what color paper and ink to use.  Not red, as you might think.


 Brown paper with white ink was made for Peet's, it just landed on me, I didn't even have to think about it.  I finally got the paper, a rather large assortment of browns, (why can't the art store just have the perfect one?), but it's okay, I might even try all of them.  So, I finally started one day a couple of weeks ago and within a day or two I was settled in for the long haul.  It's a panorama there, stretching to the far reaches of my paper.  So stay tuned.

But about this red...I had recently received two lovely sketchbooks from a good friend for my birthday, which I had with me.  One of the things I like best about the sketchbooks is that they each have many different colors of paper inside, and the red was next.  A few days ago when I went to sit down, a man was sitting on a chair near me, leaning against the outside wall of Peet's, playing his guitar and singing.  I liked his music and how he just sat and played and sang and that was all, he didn't seem to be expecting anything from anyone else.  It was especially nice since I happened to be at a very tedious part of my drawing.  This gave me an excuse, as it were, to draw in my new sketchbook.



Here's the general scene outside at Peet's.

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