The Times Mirror Central Court


I know The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is trying to brand itself as LACMA, but I think the original name has a certain beauty.  


Just as the name, Times Mirror Central Court, has.  That is the name of the patio area in the midst of the original buildings from 1965.  It has a very different feeling from the lower patio where the Broad museum is, and the Stark bar. Neither better or worse, just different.  That's a good thing.  Some have said that the museum is like Los Angeles, a hodge podge of styles and people, all mixed together, or sometimes separated, as it were, but existing in the same vicinity.  Lined up or at shouting distance of one another, smashed together or cooly separated, or joined hand in hand, imperfectly.


The original buildings and central court exude the era in which they were built, down to the chairs, those beautiful and perfect Eames chairs.  Even though the ones spread out over the court are not by Eames, fortunately the new coffee cafe in the court area has them, inside and out.   


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