A Chilly Wednesday in Palisades Park


It was noon and freezing, not really, but that bone chilling sort of beach day we are having a lot of lately.  And it was noon!  (the heat of the day:).  I had a grand time anyway.  First I examined the plaque at the Senior Center and copied it down.  Here it is:  This building was "given to the people of Santa Monica by MARELLUS L. JOSLYN in memory of his loyal, inspiring and beloved wife of nearly 50 years, ALICE NEWELL JOSLYN who often enjoyed with him, lovely hours on this lofty palisade, watching the lavender and orange sunsets fade into the purple sea.  May others find it equally enjoyable.  1955."  I like writing this down because I bet few people ever notice it let alone read it, I know I never did until now.  It was such a beautiful inscription and I loved that he said his wife was inspiring.  They must have been a nice couple.  After this, I drew this man taking a nap, which really gave me a long time!  There were several people around me curled up on the grass just like him. 


I'm really into complete shapes.  Because of the gray weather, the people standing by the fence or sitting on it, as many were want to do, were in silhouette.  This combined with the fact that many of them were wearing dark clothes made it easy to ignore the details. 
I've noticed these compositions before.  It's cool the way the fence separates the sand and the sea and turns them into rectangles of color.  It is also like when you are down on the sand and the sand and the sea and the sky just become long stripes of color.
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