All the People at the Park


Well, not exactly ALL the people but sometimes it sure seemed like it.  
People came and went a lot, which is why there are some overlaps. I spent more time on this drawing, the fourth of the large ones, than the others.  Over the week and a half or so that I worked on it many people walked by, some who quietly and politely watched until I finally noticed them and they told me they liked it, a man with a stroller and his two children who invited me to a Chabad Simchat Torah (Jewish holiday) celebration the next day and another man who told me I could make it in to an etching if I liked, that it wouldn't be too hard.  One woman was trying to figure out my method, that it looked like the lines were etched into the paper, that they shone.
Being October, as I worked the weather changed into fall.  Fall, that is, at the beach, well, the park overlooking the beach.  Damp and gray and beautiful as only the beach can be.  There were less people at the tables than during the summer, but the stalwarts came, to eat lunch, play chess, to take a break with their phones, and some set up their computer to work.  I felt continuously grateful for the possibilities these tables offered.
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