Another Day in the Park


I went back to the park on Monday, same spot.  This guy was happily sitting on a bench nearby with his cell phone.  He seemed to be all of a piece.  That happens sometimes, I don't know exactly why, but when it does it makes them easier to draw.  What was great was that he sat there for a really long time. 


So then I moved and saw this woman sitting on the grass looking out at the ocean, or something.  She was wearing all black and she had a great shape.  This is where Ellsworth Kelly comes in for me.  I think about how he got his shapes from his surroundings, and I try to do that.  
Here she is again, a couple of times, more shape-like this time.  
And one more time.  I think I wrote that, at the bottom, because here I am drawing this thing, and it just sort of comes out, I don't really seem to know much about it, and sometimes it's just weird.  I take responsibility for it because I should, but sometimes I just don't know.  I like the drawing though.
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I went to Palisades Park again on Monday, check out the blog post! went Wed. also, will post those drawings later
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