Dancing in the Park, and Napping


This might be my most minimal drawing yet, in the park anyway.  I don't have a lot to say about it, I posted it because I like the way it looks like he's dancing.  Really he was just standing at the fence looking out at the Pacific, but that doesn't really matter.  From the fence at Palisades Park the Pacific Ocean looks immeasurably huge.


So then, after many attempts at sketching the napping masses, I saw this guy who was just perfect.  I'm always so excited when I catch someone's hands in my sketch, I'm not sure why, but it's been that way ever since I started on this project of sketching people a few years ago.  Maybe because hands are very complex and they appear in endless configurations.  At the beginning I made a rule for myself with these sketches that I can only draw what I see. Hands are almost always moving so when I see them in a position for more than a second I rush to draw them, because as soon as they move, they change completely.  
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I like how both of these came out. Especially the first one.
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I like how both of these came out. Especially the first one.
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