Elizabeth Kert

commented on So is That How You See the World? 2013-08-10 16:16:08 -0700 · Flag
In reading your posting and the reaction of the passerby, it occurred to me that the fact that your drawings are this amazing labyrinth of lines is similar to the pixels in a digital picture. We don’t see the pixels, but they are there and as a group they create the image we do see. As an artist, you are seeing the world in particular way. That an artist – a writer, actor, painter, dancer, etc. – is creative in reaction to their inner world, which is in part composed of how they see and react to the outside world. Your drawings, perhaps, are the result of viewing the world at Peets and “transcribing” what you see. The viewer, perhaps, was wondering how conscious you are of what you are doing. As a writer, I am learning that we often write from our subconscious. Anyway….I enjoy the fact that you are making the “unseen” visible.