Out From Under


So I am officially temporarily out from under cover.  
Although I still sort of am as the people I'm sketching still don't have a clue.  They go blissfully about their business, unintentionally posing for me!  Although the partial images here are due do their leaving whenever they feel like it.  Makes for a ghostly presence.
The main difference, aside from getting it all on one big piece of paper, is that people walk by and watch, and comment.  I was, as you might say, on the other side of the fence, as yesterday one man was standing next to and sort of behind me, watching me work for I don't know how long before I noticed him there.  But it was all okay as he was very nice and made an interesting comment from one who draws to another.  
I'm enjoying making a big "picture" as it were.  This is my second one, the first one still isn't finished.  I think I will make several.   
If you are wondering what that thing is in the sky, I think it was a paraglider or something. What I don't understand is that it wasn't attached to anything that I could see.  I thought it looked just like a parachute, which is more intriguing to me, except that it seemed to be suspended in mid air rather than sailing down from a plane.  
The song that keeps running through my head when I look at this drawing is:  "What a day, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July.  People talking...a man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs..."
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I agree with Jacob! I love the addition of some non-human objects… trash can, palm tree, bench. Beautifully drawn!
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Oh wow, I really like this one!
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