Purple paper with yellow neon


So what is it with this water container?  (at Flying Saucers)

When you stare at an ordinary object for awhile it changes.  The water container looked like it was ready to take off, like everything in the cafe, or actually, like it had just landed.  Because of that stand it was sitting on.  The condensation on the glass sides added to the whole effect. It was definitely an alien creature come to provide water for us.  It also reminded me of the shoe house that the little old lady from the nursery rhyme lived in.


The thing was, I drew it over and over again and it was never symmetrical, so on the back page of the first purple sketchbook I wrote:  There is no perfect circle (and each one is different).  I think it wasn't symmetrical because I do the blind contour drawing and the result looks like I saw it and the pen felt it and put it on the paper. 


I was rather fixated on it and just kept putting it in these accordion sketchbooks that I made.  I drew the water container one after the other, and then put the guy in another day; the water container sort of sets the scene, and of course his headphones just add to the effect.


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