Park as Sanctuary


The more I work at Palisades Park the more I see it as a sanctuary. 

 I looked up the word in our Ilustrated Oxford Dictionary as I always like to see what the dictionary says.  The definition is too long to quote in its entirety, but here are my favorite parts: "...2a  the holiest part of the temple...a place of refuge...5a  immunity from arrest. b the right to offer this. 6 (hist.) a sacred place where a fugitive from the law or a debtor was secured by medieval church law against arrest or violence."  The park may not fit this description to the letter, but it has that sense about it.


People here seem to melt into the grass, feeling secure and confident that they are safe and no one will bother them.  Some have suitcases up against themselves, some with backpacks still on their backs or else just beside them...


some sit on a bench with eyes gently closed...


while others bask in the sun, probably on lunch break.  It is a comforting feeling to know people can do this in our city by the sea.  I like how the park rangers and grounds workers go about their business, leaving the nappers alone, in essence protecting them.  

I also like how the park seems to have room for people in many circumstances; there is an acceptance about the place that makes me feel proud.

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I think the second one is my favorite.
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